Thursday, April 2, 2009

Trugo 2008-09 Singles, Trophy Presentation

The Victorian Trugo Association 2008-09 season trophy winners:

Premiers - Port Melbourne
Ron Cullen, Terry Amy, Ron Adams, Michael Gibson, Charlie Marshall, Robin Morris, John Plymin, Barry Scott, Niel Sturgess and Austin Wang

Consolation winners - Footscray
Keith Haines, lvan Bell, Chris Simmons, Andrew McMillan, Emmanuel Nagahesi, Joe Paterno, Michael Burgess

Championship fours - Footscray
lvan Bell, Chris Simmons, Andrew McMillan and Keith Haines

Championship pairs - Port Melbourne
Robin Morris, Barry Scott

Singles champion - South Melbourne
Harry Grimwood

Ladies champion - Sandridge
Judy Doyle

Jim Drew trophy
(highest average individual score) - Brunswick
Gerald Strachan

Jim Drew shield
(highest average team score) - Sandridge with 2001 goals

Runner-up shield - Brunswick
G. Dansie and M. Davis

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Game Over: Footscray Trugo club calls time

Footscray Trugo club, with the oldest Trugo clubhouse, will be shutting down after nearly 70 years of service to the elderly people of Footscray and the players of Trugo around Melbourne.

Is this an April fools joke? No, sadly it is not. This historic building and grounds need a Trugo team! If you have a passion for history, maybe you can help preserve a piece of the past and field a Trugo Team for Footscray?

Footscray Trugo Club 10-Feb-1940 to 1-April-2009
R.I.P - Trugo was played here!