Thursday, March 20, 2008

Trugo 2008 Fours competition results

The Trugo 'Fours' competitions were played at the 'Sandridge Trugo Club' today. In the 'Fours' competition each team selects fours players that will compete against all the other teams in the VTA league. The team with the highest score on the day is the 'Fours' competition winner for the season.

Perfect score (4 players x 2 ends x 3 sets x 4 rings ) = 96

Winning Team: Sandridge (71)
Footscray (67)
Port Melbounre (62)
Yarraville (62)
South Melbourne (61)
Brunswick (60)
Ascot Vale (58)
Eagles (57)
Brunswick City (55)

Additional Photographs

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